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Fuel Prices July 2020:-

Domestic Fuel Prices

Product Pence Per Litre (FKP)
Diesel              43
Kerosene              72
Unleaded/leaded Petrol             127
LPG             129

Marine Gas Oil prices $690*(USD) per metric tonne

*Indication only please contact us for further details

Cinema Planned for the Malvina House Hotel

Cinema Planned for the Malvina House Hotel


Tom Swales Managing Director of SSL noted that the Company is very excited by this latest planned development, subject to planning approval. The facility will be open to the whole community both residents and non-residents of the Hotel and can also double up as a small lecture theatre. All seating will be of VIP nature and will have a stowaway table and Drinks Holder. It will also have a lift to make it more accessible.


Mr Swales said that the aim of the cinema is to become an integral part of the hotel as well as being used by everyone in the local community. Not only is it planned to show the latest Hollywood Blockbusters and matinees but it will be available for private functions such as children parties, business functions, sporting occasions, arts and drama societies and customers who simply wish to watch an old film but to enjoy it within a cinema experience.


Mr Swales concluded by saying that since Stanley Services bought the Malvina House Hotel in 2004, their aim has to been to continually improve the facilities and levels of service to all customers. He added that in reality it is a never ending journey and believes that this new cinema will make a great contribution not only to the Hotel but to life in Stanley. Continual Investment in the hotel is just part of Stanley Services’ excellent track record of investing in the Islands – since 1987, the Company has invested over £20million pounds.


10th November 2014