From UK Fuel supplies to the provision of LPG and industrial gases and lubricating oils…

FUEL PRICES: July 2024

Domestic Fuel PricePence per litre (FKP)
Unleaded/Leaded Petrol130
Marine Gas Oil prices $1310*(USD) per metric tonne Delivered
*Indication only please contact us for further details


Stanley Services operate under an exclusive from the Falklands Islands Government and provide a bunkering service to all vessels within territorial waters and beyond. Operations can take place on the high seas or in the relative safety of the natural harbour in Berkeley Sound. We can also provide fuel whilst vessels are moored at FIPASS, Stanley

Aviation Fueling

Both Jet A1 and Avgas 100 LL are stored and distributed from our terminal in Stanley. With safety a priority, we operate to modern UK standards and comply to current UK procedures.

Fuel Storage and Distribution

In 1993 Stanley Services built a completely new Tank Farm near FIPASS, the main port in Stanley. This depot was expanded in 1996 and 1999. We store a wide range of products including gas/diesel oil, lead replacement petrol and unleaded petrol, kerosene, Jet A1. In 2001 a LPG bottling plant was completed.

Industrial Gases

We store a variety of industrial gases including Acetylene, Oxygen and Propane. If customers require specialised gases, the Company can source them from the UK and South America

Lubricating Oils

Since 1988, we have been Shell’s agents and stock a comprehensive range of marine and domestic oils at our depot.

Service Station

Fuel for all types of vehicles is supplied from our modern service station in Stanley. A retail outlet provides a large range of motor accessories and other related products.