Logistical Support

Providing a stable logistical service has become a way of life for Stanley Services – being some 8,000 miles from the UK with limited indigenous resources, it is a vital part of success on the islands

Our Services are well proved and linked with the major areas of supply – you can relax in the knowledge that our facilities and services are second to none

Freight and Shipping Agents

For the past sixteen years, Stanley Services have been undertaking Freight Agency services for a variety of individuals and corporate organisations. The company operates consolidated freight on a regular basis to the Islands. We can also arrange the movement of your goods anywhere in the world via the UK to the Islands.We also provide a comprehensive Vessel Agency Service for any type of vessel.

Airfreight Agents

Speedy delivery of vital goods and equipment can be arranged through the regular flights or the link with the islands, via Santiago and Lan Chile.


Experts in all areas of importation, from daily provisions to explosives, we can arrange any import/export requirements on your behalf.

Serviced Office Facilities

We can provide you with a fully operational base on the islands. We have modern office facilities with communication links available for both short and medium term rental and can fit them to your exact specification. This service offers the most flexible solution to the high cost alternative of construction on the islands


We understand the importance of providing adequate storage facilities to cope with the difficulties in sourcing equipment for immediate delivery. Significant additional covered and open storage is available within the company’s industrial complex adjacent to our retail and offices

FUEL PRICES: July 2024

Domestic Fuel PricePence per litre (FKP)
Unleaded/Leaded Petrol130
Marine Gas Oil prices $1310*(USD) per metric tonne Delivered
*Indication only please contact us for further details