The Company has supplied services to support the recent oil exploration

We can undertake the following services

  • Secure warehousing and outside storage for engineering, rig parts etc.
  • Office space for personnel complete with telephone and electronic communications, etc.
  • Provision of vehicles for personnel.
  • Housing for personnel.
  • Hotel Services.
  • Bunkering fuel and aviation fuel for vessels and rig.
  • Ships agency for supply vessels, standby vessel and rig.
  • Travel arrangements for ships personnel.
  • Provision of all waste disposal.
  • Aviation fuel for fixed wing aircraft and helicopters.
  • Establish helicopter refuelling facility to extend helicopter range

We can provide the following services:

  • Employment and wage provision for base operatives.
  • Employment of office staff, secretarial and travel co-ordinator.
  • Provision of secure pipe yard area.
  • Provision of warehouse space for mud and cement storage.
  • Provision of area for bulk mud plant
  • Purchasing facility for local goods.
  • Provision of cranes, trucks, trailers, forklifts for handling of drill pipe, casing etc.
  • Spares holding for maintenance of mechanical plant.
  • Co-ordinating UK/FI flights and helicopter rig flights.
  • Freight provision on UK/FI flights.
  • Provision of 24 hours office manning for rig communications.
  • Provision and security of lay down area for downhole engineers work area.
  • Liaison with Oil Company project supervisor, drilling super and rig manager.
  • Supervising all staff employed for the purpose of support services
  • Liaison with Yard Supervisor on the day-to-day requirements.
  • Arranging the provision of services from outside local firms/contractors.
  • Establishing and operating a purchase system to cover local services and payment of incoming invoices.
  • Daily logging of base operatives and office staff time and overtime and compiling wage, tax, and pension payments.
  • Liaison with Harbour authority on vessels arriving, loading and departing communicating information to SSL agency personnel.
  • Drawing up contract orders for additional works and having this authorised by oil rep.
  • Overseeing aircraft / helicopter movements office personnel.

FUEL PRICES: July 2024

Domestic Fuel PricePence per litre (FKP)
Unleaded/Leaded Petrol130
Marine Gas Oil prices $1310*(USD) per metric tonne Delivered
*Indication only please contact us for further details